Kommande premiärer


Premiere November 30, 2020

On Christmas Eve, the dog Shelby manages to escape from the dog farm and runs straight into the arms of young Jake. Jake wants to be a magician and Shelby quickly becomes the best friend and wizard assistant he has ever wanted.

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Train to Busan

Premiere December 1, 2020

The passengers on the express train discover that they are stuck on the train in the middle of a zombie epidemic. Chaos reigns both outside and inside the train, they do everything to not fall into the hands of all bloodthirsty zombies.

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Camp X-Ray

Premiere December 4, 2020

Amy Cole enlists in the US military and is stationed as a guard at a military prison. Soon she gets to know one of the base’s prisoners, and their friendship becomes something that leads to problems for both of them.

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Saving Christmas

Premiere December 7, 2020

Kassie rescues former police dog Scoot. But when two thieves show up with the plan to get their hands on the money, Kassie and Scoot must embark on a great adventure to save Christmas!

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Red Dog - True Blue

Premiere December 11, 2020

During a storm, Mick saves a puppy from drowning and the two become inseparable friends. When Mick’s grandfather then decides that Mick should live in a boarding school, he runs away with his new best friend.

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The Villainess

Premiere December 18, 20202

The professional killer Sook-hee takes revenge on the men who killed her husband. After losing consciousness, she wakes up at the security service who wants her to take on top secret missions.

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