Original title: Polícia Federal: A Lei é para Todos

IMDb rating: 6.7

Based on the true story of Operation Carwash, the largest and most successful corruption investigation ever seen in the world, ”No One is Above the Law” tells, through the eyes of Detective Investigator Ivan, the story of how he and his team at the Brazilian Federal Police, working with the Brazilian Federal Attorneys were able to reveal and dismantle an intricate scheme of money laundering, graft, theft, corruption and bribery involving executives at Petrobrás, (the Brazilian National Oil Company), government contractors, political parties, and politicians at all levels of government – including both houses of congress, cabinet secretaries, and the current and former presidents of Brazil. Exciting and action packed, the movie reveals unbelievable details of the conflicts and dangers faced by the investigators, the roadblocks thrown to thwart the operation, and the crucial role of the Federal Judge who withstood the greatest of pressures to keep the politicians from destroying their case and coming away scott free. We follow Ivan and his team through the step-by-step investigative process that transformed what started as an investigation on drug dealers and money launderers into a movement to combat the backbone of corruption in the country, leading straight to the doorstep of the most powerful politician in the country – the ex-President Luís Inácio ”Lula” da Silva. This is the story of men and women fighting against a corrupt system and trying to prove that indeed, no one is above the law.

IMDb rating: 6.8

Director: Marcelo Antunez
Writers: Thomas Stavros (screenwriter), Gustavo Lipsztein (screenwriter)
Stars: Antonio Calloni, Marcelo Serrado, Ary Fontoura

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