Release date: 2013

Original title: Förtroligheten

As a mysterious ”shadow” harasses a teenage girl in the middle of the night in a wealthy neighborhood in Gothenbourg, Sweden; the idyllic streets are beginning to look more like a prison than a place of self-fulfillment. Meanwhile, Paul – deep in a midlife crises – is trying to get closer to his estranged teenage daughter Selinda, who is struggling to form her own identity. ’Reliance’ is the love story between a father and a daughter. A drama about the pain of letting go. But first and foremost an existential journey of how we all deal with dreams, fears and aspirations.

IMDb rating: 4.5

Director: William Olsson
Writers: Angus MacLachlan, Angus MacLachlan
Stars: Anton Lundqvist, Helena Af Sandeberg, Alba August

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